The MCUI (UC) Wish To Inform All Competition Licence Applicants

Reasonable adjustments have been implemented to ensure all persons undertaking online E learning seminars, can access the information and complete training to an acceptable level reflective of their ability.

In keeping with good practice and inclusion for all, anyone requiring the service of a reader or scribe should contact:-

Rosie Geddis on 07796314938 or email;
or Yvonne Ward on 07885412265

In the strictest of confidence.

Welcome to the MCUI(UC) Flag and Anti-Doping Seminars.

This course consists of two separate seminars which must be completed, and the pass mark achieved to receive your certificate of achievement. It is important that you complete all your details correctly when signing up to the course as this will be printed on your certificate and checked by the license registrar. 

Both seminars consist of a presentation and a set of questions. It is recommended that a copy of the presentations and your completed certificate are printed and kept safe for your own records. 

Please note that this online course application is unavailable to all newcomers, as MCUI (UC) Regulations state that they must attend an initial Training Race School in person.


If users are under the age of 18 their parent or guardian is required to co-sign the certificate. How to use:- 

Create an account

Click on the Flag and Anti-Doping course and then click enrol

Follow the course through carefully reading the seminars and answering the questions

Once the course is completed click on the certificate link and print out your unique certificate of completion and return with your license application along with the FIM Consent form.

For more information on using the online seminar you can follow the user guide which you can download from our websites - or or email for help. 

Both sections of Seminar MUST be completed and passed to obtain Certificate

Flag Section requires 100% pass mark

Anti-Doping requires 80% pass mark

If you do not achieve the required pass mark within your allocated 3 attempts then please contact Course Admin or David Patterson

When you are ready please click on the course below and begin.